Niagara councillors want to prioritize migrant workers over Canadian citizens for COVID-19 vaccinations

People are outraged after learning that Leftist Niagara Region councillors are lobbying for migrant workers to be identified as a priority group for receiving COVID-19 vaccinations ahead of Canadian citizens. Niagara region has many farms that use migrant workers to fill their labour needs. Seniors citizens are at a higher risk of developing negative health effects from COVID-19 and should be prioritized over Migrant workers for vaccinations.

Canadian travellers who don’t show COVID-19 test threatened with jail time while migrants get a free hotel stay

Canadian travellers who fail to show proof of a negative Covid test may face criminal prosecution under pandemic controls. “There may be substantial fines going up to as much as $3,000 or even a criminal prosecution,” said Public Safety Minister Bill Blair: “Cancel your vacation plans. Stay home.”

Migrant entering Canada don’t have to show a negative COVID-19 test — they will be housed at quarantine hotels for free while awaiting the test results.

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