Doug Ford called racist after creating program to help only Black children & youth

Parents groups have called Doug Ford racist after it was revealed he created a program for only Black children and youth. The Ontario government is investing $6 million over the next three years to help only Black children and youth achieve their educational and career goals by creating the new Student and Family Advocates initiative in Ottawa, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. The Student and Family Advocates initiative is part of Ontario’s $60 million expanded Black Youth Action Plan.

“Our government is committed to helping [only] Black children and youth achieve their full potential. That’s why we are expanding programming under the Black Youth Action Plan and creating community-based initiatives like the Student and Family Advocates,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services.

Creating and funding government program based on skin colour is racist and should be eliminated immediately. What about White, Asian and East Asian children and youth?

Trudeau Government tells hundreds of applicants they’re not Black enough for money from the Black community initiative

The Trudeau Government rejected 400 organizations for funding under a program for Black community groups. The reason: these organizations aren’t led by enough Black people or didn’t prove that it is.

The Black community initiative program in itself is racist since gives preferential treatment to Blacks, while excluding Whites, Asians and Indigenous.

Blackface Trudeau blames Stephen Harper for harming Black and Indigenous communities

Justin Trudeau said, “it’s a fact that a decade of failed policies from the previous [Harper] government disproportionately hurt indigenous peoples, black Canadians, and other racialized communities across the country.” Bill C-22 will repeal the previous Conservative government’s tough on crime laws, which had mandatory minimum prison sentences for gun and drug related offences.

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