Our Political Leaders Should Hang Their Heads in Shame This Remembrance Day

As we take time today to pay respect to veterans who fought and died for their country, so we can have our freedoms; we must not forget the despotic politicians that have used the covid19 pandemic as an excuse to take those freedoms away.

Lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates — which have been imposed without any scientific evidence — has turned Canada into a nation resembling Communist China.

Politicians use the phrase “to keep you safe” as an excuse to implement harsh lockdowns and take take our freedoms away — this should have never been acceptable in a Democracy.

Our political leaders should hang their ends in shame this Remembrance Day.

Lest we forget.

Doug Ford sends police and threatens to remove children from parents that disobey the lockdown order

Doug Ford is sending the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to parks, threatening parents with young children playing together, that the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) could be contacted if they disobey the provincial lockdown order.

Kotzma was at the Havelock Community Centre park with her daughter on Sunday, April 18 with 11 other children and eight adults when two Peterborough County Doug Ford’s OPP officers attended the park and threatened to call CAS and have to children removed from the parents custody.

“Threatening to call CAS because of neglect is little over the top,” says Tiffany Kotzma.

On Friday, April 16, the Ford government announced unconstitutional COVID-19 measures, including prohibiting all outdoor social gatherings and organized public events, except for with members of the same household or one other person from outside that household who lives alone.


Immigrants leaving locked down Canada, returning to countries of origin where there is more freedom

The unconstitutional lockdowns imposed by the Trudeau Government has prompted some recent immigrants to leave Canada and return to their countries of origin, where there is more freedom.

The number of permanent residents who have been in Canada for less than five years declined by four per cent to 1,019,000 by the end of 2020 from 1,060,000 the year before, according to an analysis of Statistics Canada’s labour force survey that measures the number of workers between 15 and 65 years old by their immigration status.

The data shows that the number of permanent residents who have been in Canada for five to 10 years also dropped from 1,170,000 in 2019 to 1,146,000 in 2020.


Justin Trudeau following in the footsteps of Fidel Castro and implementing strict gun controls

Justin Trudeau has banned law abiding Canadians from owning 1,500 makes and models of guns. Majority of gun crime in Canada is committed by gangs — banning legal guns will do nothing to reduce crime. Governments that ban ownership of guns usually do so in order to oppress its citizens.

Fidel Castro took power in 1959, gun confiscation slowly commenced. The Castro government started by targeting rival revolutionary groups, who fought the Batista government but were not Communist affiliates. Then, the Castro government broadened the definition of “rival revolutionaries” to disarm more of the populace.




Communist Chinese billionaire gave the Trudeau Foundation and University of Montreal $1 million

In 2016, Communist Chinese businessman Zhang Bin donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Faculty of Law. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Communist Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world. Of the $1-million endowment, $200,000 went to the Trudeau Foundation, $50,000 will pay for the statue of the elder Mr. Trudeau, and $750,000 will fund University of Montreal Faculty of Law scholarships, which include grants for Quebec students to visit China. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/trudeau-attended-cash-for-access-fundraiser-with-chinese-billionaires/article32971362/

Justin Trudeau gives Communist China $41 million in foreign aid while Indigenous communities don’t have clean drinking

It’s 2021 and many Indigenous communities in Canada still don’t have clean drinking water. Canada is still sending millions in foreign aid to Communist China, the second largest economy in the World. Justin Trudeau should be focused on fixing domestic problems before sending millions to dictatorial nations.

As of February, 39 First Nations are coping with 57 long-term boil water advisories. In early 2020 with 122 water operators and other workers with responsibility for community water systems, about half reported they were managing at least one ongoing problem, such as do-not-consume advisories, frequent short-term boil water advisories, long-term boil water advisories, water that does not meet federal quality guidelines, contaminants with potential health impacts, inadequate treatment levels, plants whose capacity was inadequate to meet community needs, and disruptions in water supply and distribution. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2021/02/18/investigations/clean-water-broken-promises

Canadian foreign aid to China totaled $41 million in 2019, according to data from the Department of Foreign Affairs. China has a $13 trillion economy and $10 billion space program. https://www.rebelnews.com/trudeau_government_41_million_foreign_aid_china_included_pollution

China kidnapped two Canadians — Justin Trudeau still gave them $41 million in foreign aid

Chinese authorities arrested Kovrig and Spavor in Beijing in March 2019. Many observers view their arrest, allegedly for spying, as retaliation for Chinese citizen Meng Wanzhou’s arrest by Canadian police in Vancouver in December 2018. Meng is the Chief Financial Officer of China’s state-owned telecom giant Huawei. She was detained by Canadian authorities at the request of U.S. government officials and has been under house arrest since then while her extradition case plays out in Canadian courts. https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2020/12/24/kidnapped-canadians-in-china-spark-christmas-card-campaign/

Canadian foreign aid to China totaled $41 million in 2019, according to newly-released data from the Department of Foreign Affairs. China has a $13 trillion economy and $10 billion space program: “A deepened and broadened relationship with China is a priority.” https://www.blacklocks.ca/gave-41m-in-aid-to-china/

Doug Ford using police resources to go after children tobogganing while gun crime is out of control

Gang related gun crime is a major problem in Ontario. Unfortunately Doug Ford is using police resources to go after children tobogganing — formal warnings and trespassing tickets have been issued. Under the province’s Emergency Act it limits outdoor organized public gatherings and social gatherings to five people with limited exceptions. With ski hills and other businesses deemed non-essential now forcibly shut down, the holidays in full lockdown meant citizens, especially those with young children, were trying to get out of the house as much as possible within the extensive restrictions we are now living under. https://www.blogto.com/sports_play/2021/01/toronto-busting-hundreds-skating-tobogganing/

Meanwhile gun crime is through the roof. Data from the Toronto Police Service show a total of 460 shootings with 177 people injured and 39 people dead in 2020. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/violent-2020-almost-surpasses-last-years-gun-crime-figures

85 year old senior fined by Ford Government for going to church — meanwhile Costco is packed with shoppers

Martha Oppel survived Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s communists without a police officer knocking on her door. Then along came the COVID-19 pandemic 75 years later. At 85, Oppel is in trouble with the law for attending church. The Ford Government sent Aylmer’s police with an $880 ticket for being inside a Sunday service led by Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, memories from the past flooded her mind. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-octogenarian-church-goer-hit-with-lockdown-ticket

Meanwhile big box stores are jam-packed; in Burlington, Ontario, the line to get into Costco stretched around the block. https://www.freshdaily.ca/food/2020/03/coronavirus-costco/

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